The impact of paper mills on the environment has been felt in the recent years and hence there has always been the demand for an eco-friendly alternative to paper.

It is estimated that the demand for paper will double in the coming decade and we certainly cannot afford to lose out on the precious forest cover.

Recycling came as a boon but in more recent times, there have been a spurt of attractive options, for example seed paper. Seed paper as the name suggests is paper made out of used seeds and is easily recyclable.

Apart from the environment friendliness, the surface of flower seed paper is highly elegant and it is widely used for greetings, invitations and decorative wraps.

The options are endless when it comes to patterns, colors and thickness in seed paper. The best part is that each type of seed paper has a charm of its own. Traditional crafts have received a new lease of life with this kind of paper.

Saving on investment

Making seed paper or flower seed paper does not require any big investment and most of the companies are small scale industries which do not utilize any hazardous chemicals or materials to manufacture the paper.

Seeds and flowers are used to create wonderful imprints and designs on the paper which finds a wide range of uses and applications. In fact, you will find that most greetings today are created on seed paper. The traditional mill paper is hardly used anymore.

Now that seed paper and flower seed paper is widely sought after, there are special and beautiful flowers that are grown just for using in the paper.

Custom Paper and patterns

Also, several companies now allow you the luxury to choose your flowers and patterns when it comes to seed paper. This lets you explore your creativity as well.