Part of going green with your RVs includes encouraging RV parks to support sustainable camping. The definition of sustainable, as defined by the UN Commission on Environment and Development is “…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

Put another way, it means that we need to be aware that we are caretakers of our environment for our children, and grandchildren. What should you look for in a sustainable campground?

Leave the land as undisturbed as possible

When building a campground, the ultimate goal should be to maintain and support the natural environment.

o There should be a sense of seclusion for each hookup with greenery providing privacy screening.
o Walkways should be wooden boardwalks above the ground level to avoid disturbing the eco-system as little as possible.
o Ideally, waste from the toilets, and gray water from showers should be used to nourish the plants.
o Any buildings on the campground should be prefabricated, and heavy equipment activity kept to a minimum.

Information should be readily available on the campsites blog or website.

Conscientious use of energy and resources

Look for energy efficient electric lights and appliances – and use them in your own motorhome.

o Do you see any labor saving devices being used that conserve energy?
o Do they use solar paneling as a power source?
o Have you begun using solar paneling instead of a generator in your toy hauler?
o Check for the quality of air indoors, and for signs of water conservation such as showerheads that help reduce water use.
o How pure is the water?
o Does the campground recycle organic matter into compost to be used in the plantings, and reusable containers?

Cultural and local preservation – an important part of being green when looking into different industries such as local professions, trades, retail and <a href=””>digital marketing in Santa Rosa</a>.

On a green campground, safety for wildlife and people will be visibly important. Respect for both the earth, and the people who live in the area will be evident.
o Does the campground store demonstrate that they encourage the local economy?
o Fresh produce and other food should be purchased as locally as possible to be cooked while fresh in your Class C motorhome.

The more aware you are of what it means to support sustainable campgrounds and camping, the more things you will find to incorporate into your own camping routines. Being “green” is no longer a fad. It’s a way of life for many people who have discovered how much richer it makes them feel.