It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Uncle Ben!!

Rice throwing at weddings originated in ancient times to guarantee happiness and fertility for the bride and groom. The new couples were showered with grains of rice as they left the wedding site. This practice was meant to wish the couple well and to bless them with hopes of fertility.

The popular practice of throwing rice at weddings has been debated in recent years. Some experts have proposed the idea that consuming rice is hazardous to birds’ digestive systems. Many argue that the swelling property of rice, when wet, is not compatible with a bird’s anatomy. Legend has it that when birds eat rice and then drink water, their stomach will explode.

Other experts have speculated that the mere suggestion of rice exploding inside a bird’s stomach is nonsensical. Some argued that although rice can double in size when wet, it is not necessarily capable of exploding a bird’s stomach. In fact, many birds have been unaffected by the consumption of rice.

Moreover, those in the wedding planning industry have discouraged the tradition of throwing rice at weddings. However, their reason has nothing to do with birds. Instead, some wedding planners have suggested that throwing rice at the happy couple may cause someone else to slip and fall, later on.

Many wedding planners suggest using garden wedding favors. Not only are they environmentally safe, but they are great as a gift for guests to take home and plant. Planting the seeds is a way for your family and friends to celebrate your new life together with your spouse.>Seeded wedding favors are unique, economical, and mother nature-friendly. These wedding favors are a fun way for your guests to commemorate your new beginning.

Whether the belief that rice can kill birds is an urban legend, an old wives’ tale, or a fact, it is obviously safer to throw bird seeds or garden seeds after a wedding. Not only are these seeds more appealing to nature’s flying animals, seeded wedding favors are also safer for the environment. So, save your rice for a side dish to serve at your reception— and invest in seeded wedding favors for your guests as a symbol of your appreciation.

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